Is this Site secure?
Yes. This Web site is secured with a GoDaddy.com Web Server Certificate. Transactions on the site are protected with up to 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption.

What does your service eliminate?
This is a fully automated service that lets you make the choice of what you want to receive in your mailbox. You can choose what Coupons you do or don't want to receive. You can choose whether you wan to still receive Credit Card offers. You choose what catalogs you no longer want to receive. And you can get off of all the Data Brokers Mailing lists.

How long before my unwanted catalogs are reduced?
After you enter your unwanted catalogs in our Catalog Screener, you should expect to see results after 3 months

Can you stop Junk Mail addressed to businesses?
MyJunkTree cannot currently reduce junk mail addressed to businesses.

I have more than one address. Do I need to buy this service for each address?
We cover you and your household members at one mailing address. To reduce junk mail at more than one residence, you will need to purchase a separate service.

Can you reduce mail that is addressed to 'Resident', 'Occupant' or 'Our Friends at'?
Yes! Our automated system contacts companies that maintain and sell these lists. A handful of others require your signature for this, all you have to do is select the companies you do not want to receive mail from and a letter will automatically be generated for you to print out, sign and send to the companies.

Can you stop Charity Solicitations? Yes we can. The charity will be contacted explaining you are environmentally conscious and will politely be asked to remove your name and address from their marketing list. Stopping the delivery of unwanted charity solicitations will actually help the charity so their marketing campaigns are more effective.

How does the $2 Referral Bonus work?
Every time a friend you referred buys MyJunkTree service, we give you $2. Please note: you must invite your friends via our electronic Referral System to receive credit. Please sign in to your MyJunkTree account to send your referral emails. The $2 goes into your member account and can be redeemed any time you wish. You can only redeem all of your bonus dollars at once - no balance can be left in your account. We will generate a check of your balance and send it to you.

How long before my unwanted catalogs are reduced?
After you enter your unwanted catalogs in our Catalog Screener, you should expect to see results after 3 months.

What happened?
I didn't get an account info/password/invite email from MyJunkTree. You may not get an email from us for one of two reasons. If the email address you provided has a typo or misspelling, the email will go to the wrong mailbox. If this is not the reason, sometimes our emails may be stopped by your email spam filtering software. Please add customerservice@MyJunkTree.com to your address book to avoid this issue. Feel free to contact us if you still don’t get it.

What else can I do to help further MyJunkTree mission to stop junk mail?
Besides telling all of your friends and family about us, you can help by printing our MyJunkTree posters and hanging them in your apartment building's mail room, at your school, your office, your gym- anywhere you'd like! Click on these links (8x11 Poster or 11x17 Poster) to download and print them out.

How can I tell if my Identity has been compromised?
If you are a victim of identity theft, your credit report will contain the tell-tale signs - inquiries that were not generated by you, as well as credit accounts that you did not open. The earlier you detect fraud, the easier and quicker it will be to clean up your credit files and regain your financial health. You can order your Free Annual Credit report from our site.

Can I limit the amount of telemarketing calls I receive from your Site?
Yes you can. You can use our site to sign up on the National Do Not Call Registry. The National Do Not Call Registry was created to offer consumers a choice regarding telemarketing calls. You will see a significant drop in the telemarketing calls you receive.

Can I use your service to stop the delivery of all those Phone Books?
We will contact the major phone directories for you to have your name and address removed from their list. You must make sure you use your home phone number on your profile to do this. We are 100% confident that we can remove your name and address from the list, however based on the delivery person that works your area you may still get the phone books. They are accustomed to dropping one at every house. We cannot guarantee that they will read the list provided to them. But we will provide you with the date the company was contacted and who we spoke to.

Who has your personnel Information, problems it creates and a simple solution?
Trading and selling of personal information without your knowledge happens daily. Data Brokers, Credit Bureaus, and Direct Marketing companies are the major culprits. Part of a business marketing strategy is to purchase and utilize these listings (electronic or hard copy) to target their customer base. They hope by flooding your mailbox with this material keeps them in business. Hugh problem for you!

  • What if a portion of this material doesn’t reach you? Gets in the wrong hands?
  • What if you do not shred and dumpster divers acquire this material?

Does Junk Mail/Direct Mail Contribute to Identity Theft?
Use our simple system and rid yourself of up to 90% of this unnecessary Junk Mail/Direct Mail. It’s your choice, under your total control of what you what to keep or eliminate by a click of a button. An e-mail is sent to request removal from their listings and for them to discontinue the sending of their mailings. The only exception to the rule, a few companies requires you to contact them personally. For these, we provide you the link directly, you complete a form and you are done, that simple…….

This should give you a piece of mind, that a large portion of your Junk Mail has been reduced and not getting into the wrong hands. Identity theft is a huge problem. Take one more step to keep this from being your problem.

What information does MyJunkTree.com gather from me?
We only collect the information we need to remove you from direct mail lists and to contact you in case of a question comes up while we’re working for you (which rarely happens!). We simply ask for your name and address, as well as your phone number and email address. We DO NOT ask for your birth date, social security number or other sensitive information.

We absolutely will NOT ever trade, sell, lease or distribute any of your personal information. For billing purposes, we need your credit card information, but we keep that information only long enough to complete the billing process — then we permanently delete that information from our records.

What happens if I move?
No problem! And no additional charge! If you move to a different address within four years of subscribing, simply email us at customerservice@MyJunkTree.com. and tell us your new address and your old address, and we will contact the direct mail companies again on your behalf, with your new address.

Can I do this myself? Are there other options?
You could do all the leg-work yourself to remove yourself from all the direct mail and catalog lists out there. But, it will take you quite awhile. You could spend as much time getting yourself off these lists as you currently spend sorting through all your junk mail! You’ll find out that they don’t stop mail from catalog companies or other bulk mailers who are not members of the Direct Marketing Association (including most credit card offers). And, they don’t stop mail addressed to “Occupant” or “Resident” (including Penny Savers, ValPak, etc.), which are responsible for a lot of the junk mail you are trying to eliminate.

MyJunkTree.com works to remove you from all these lists

Can I pay with a check or Paypal?
MyJunkTree can only accept major credit cards as payment. *Please* do not send us checks, as we are unable to process them.

What are My obligations?
I understand that the companies publishing the unsolicited mail I have requested be stopped may re-commence sending solicitations if I request such materials, patronize the advertised service or if I purchase merchandise from such vendors after the notice date.

I understand that several mail cycles may elapse before the items I have requested be stopped are discontinued. In the event that I am still receiving such unwanted mail after 75 days following my request, I may contact customerservice@MyJunkTree.com and issue a "Second Notice" at no charge.

In order to provide service to you, we MUST maintain a credible relationship with the catalog companies and mass marketers. Sending out a stoppage request to a company that does not have you on their list does nothing for you and destroys the service for others. For this critical reason, we will terminate (without refund) any member's account if we find abuse of our system.

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